Control Your Children People! My Goodness!

Whatever happened to kids playing cops and robbers, hide-and-go-seek, kick the can, or even building forts outside? When did our children start going from 3 to 13 in a blink of an eye? Who in the world would let their children dress or act like they do in Sext Up Kids?

My Initial thought, CONTROL YOUR KIDS PEOPLE!!

While watching the video Sext Up Kids I heard quotes such as:

“ You kind of get used to being called a slut, whore, bitch, etc”

“Porn is so available for children to look at.”

“Our children go from toddlers to teenagers way to fast.”

“Stupid is the new sexy.”

“You’re either Fuckable or Invisible.”

“In sex that you seen in porn the guy is on top. That is what sex should be like.”

“It’s more comfortable over text.”

WHAT IS THIS?! Why is this okay? Why are these statements considered true? It truly breaks my heart to watch a video like this. However, I think that we can learn a great deal from this.

Okay, so I want to share somethings that popped into my head when watching this video:


We always say that our children are influenced by our media and the environment that they are open to. Why is this a bad thing? When children have role models they have someone to look up to and turn to when they need help. That’s a good thing right? Well, what if their role models look like this…                                 

Photo Credit: The Society Pages and gwrtc103 Projects

Both Miley Cyrus and Barbie are discussed in this video as a huge role model for girls. When Miley was 15 she did her first “topless” photo shoot. I understand that she was mostly covered, but the message she was sending out was that it is okay to take photo’s without your clothes. Girls want to be like Miley. And although she is someone who followed her dreams and got what she wanted, she is considered a somewhat negative icon for girls.

And Barbie, how is she considered a good icon for young girls? She is “too perfect” that she could not even be a real person. Girls from a young age are looking up to Barbie wanting to be just like her. It is known that she is skinny, tall, and beautiful. But do people really know that Barbie was a real person that she would not even be able to support herself or function in any way possible? I had a discussion in my internship with the grade 7 and 8’s about the photo below and some of their responses were, “Why do people buy that for their children?”, “Who would want to walk around on all fours all day?”, “I don’t believe you Miss. Teacher Lady, are you serious? That is what she would look like in real life?” and even, “That is so not attractive.”

Real Barbie

Photo Credit: Mail Online

I think that it is so important for us to be conscious of what you show and give your children/students. Teach them that these things SHOULD NOT be our normal, and to not let it influence them.

“Stupid is the new Sexy”

The comment “Stupid is the new Sexy” reminded me of Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards. Ashton says, “The sexiest thing in the entire world, is being really smart. And being Thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else is crap, I promise you.”


Photo Credit: WeheartIt

This is the best speech I have heard. Coming from a public icon like Ashton, I am sure that it meant a lot more to some girls than just hearing their mom say it. Show your students this and teach them what it really means to be sexy.


This reminded me of a program that I used to participate in and eventually run in my hometown while I was in school, called Girls on the Go. This program was just for girls in our community. We would gather at noon hours, after schools, and on weekends to do activities with them. We would bring in motivational speakers and other experts to talk about a number of different “girl topics”, which helped girls feel comfortable to talk about these things with others.  It was a great program because the younger girls had older girls to look up to and hangout with. It was also great because it kept girls from going out and drinking with other kids. I think that this would be a great program to have up and running in schools to help prevent these issues from happening. I am not saying that it would solve it completely but it would be a step in the right directions.

Laci Green

Laci is a youtube sensation, public sex educator, and feminist activist. I had never heard of her until watching this video. And I am now, happy that I know what she does. Her videos range in topics from relationships, gender, sexuality, and body image. After learning about her, this video was shown to me in a class and I wanted to share it with you. This video discussed the topic of sexual objectification, which is touched on in Sext Up Kids.

It’s More Comfortable Over Text

This reminded me of a meme that I saw on facebook the other day. And I thought that it was perfect meme for this video.


Photo Credit: Whisper

How true is this? I feel this way, not so much with the flirting, but with things like difficult conversations such as conflict with others. So bad right! But I like the the fact that I can think about a reply before I send it and it doesn’t have to be right on the spot. But this is so horrible because of sexting. I fear that with texting and phones are taking away from the comfortableness of face to face conversation. I feel like it is important to always remind students how important it is for face to face conversations. 


Finally, I am reminded of the bullying and harassment that can occur because of this. Some of the girls were saying that because of some of the decisions they made when they were younger made their high school years hard, and that even some of their family treated them differently. Amanda Todd, among many others, is a sad but fantastic example of what can happen with bullying and harassment combined with sexting. The Sextortion of Amanda Todd is a heartbreaking story of a young girl who experienced many of the topics in Sext Up Kids, and who ended up ending her life from bullying and harassment. I think that this is important for students of this age to see and who about so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Although, these are not the only interesting messages, or the most important, they are the ones that I connected with while watching. After watching both Sext Up Kids and the Sextortion of Amanda Todd, my biggest worry, and also question is how do we properly teach our children and students about this topic so that we can try and prevent it from happening even further?


6 thoughts on “Control Your Children People! My Goodness!

  1. I adore your post, Brett. This topic has always really spoke out to me. It makes me so sad to see all these extremely young girls worrying and stressing over these adult-like things at such young ages. They compare themselves, change themselves and mutilate themselves to become something that they are not just so they can be accepted. Who even decides what is beautiful? Like why can’t we all be our own judges about what is beautiful?
    I also like your mention of how kids feel so comfortable texting now adays probably can’t even strike up a casual conversation with a person face to face. I think texting gives us this fake sense of confidence and allows us to become people that we aren’t in reality. It even allows these young kids to practice and pretend they are older and more mature than they really are. It just disturbs me!

    • I could not agree more what is beautiful? Is it a bunch of women who decides? Is it a bunch of men who decide? It makes me so angry! Non of these young girls know how beautiful they really are because of all this garbage we fill there heads with. Such a sad realization. But yes! I am one of those people who would rather deal with difficult situations over text when face-to-face because I feel more comfortable speaking my mind, it is horrible. Something that I have been working so very hard to improve on.

  2. I love how you touched on how it is so much easier to text difficult conversations then to have them face-to-face. Have you heard about the new Barbies? Mattel has created a new line of Barbies that come in 3 different sizes; petite, curvy and tall, which I think is fabulous! But in the back of my head I always wonder why we focus so much on Barbies appearance and not her “career” I see many posts that criticize Barbie based on what she looks like but no praise for the fact that she has had “careers” in education (variety of teachers, football coach), medicine (dentist, doctor, vet), military, political (United States President), public service, science and engineering, transportation (flight attendant AND pilot) and this is just naming a few! Don’t get me wrong, I really honestly do love the new Barbies I think it is a step in the right direction. I just don’t understand why there is so much focus on what Barbie did look like and not on what she has done. Is it because of the society we live in? There is so much focus on appearance that they don’t care what she has done. What do you think?

    • I have not heard of the new Barbies, but that is great! I could not agree with you more thou, why don’t we focus on her looks rather than celebrating her success? When you think of her success with her career she is a fantastic role model for young girls. I wish I knew the answer to your questions about why we focus on her looks rather than her career. I have often wondered that as well.

  3. Brett, this is such an insightful post and carries so much meaning. I’ve never actually seen the visual you provided about Barbie in real life, but it gives kids (older) an insight into the stereotyping that goes on with women/girls and how it is related to Barbie. I really liked reading about your convo’s with kids and their reactions to the image. It’s interesting to see what older vs younger kids think about these things. Also, the idea of ‘stupid is the new sexy’ is so crazy to me. I LOVED (and actually remember) Ashton Kutcher’s speech back when he did it and the impact it had on girls/boys & how it blew up on the internet. It’s great to see how a role model such as himself can be so positive, in contrast to how you talked about Miley and the images that she put out/how she impacted fans. Great post!!

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